We will take you from your current technological state to functionally digital in a rapid, agile way. We will review what you have, what you want, what you need, and rapidly deploy an action plan with measurable evaluations. We will focus on merging your existing infrastructure towards full monitoring and a digitally supported workforce. Valuable short interval control and proven benefits await. We will support you towards digital mastery through centralizing all data, telemetries, and providing the living, breathing sandbox for value driven benefits. We will be your laser focused digital transformation team delivering the right data at the right time to the right places.

We will work together to fundamentally change your operations, process – the way people work. Your staff will be motivated and accountable. Your business will get more done with the same assets or the same done with fewer assets; We will lower your cost per ton and be prepared for the ongoing evolution of inventions, AI, and automation.

Here’s what you get;



Big rewards mean big risk and bigger commitments. Digital supremacy, requires full buy-in, aggressive decision making, and the right champions from production, maintenance, IT, HR, Safety, etc. These leaders will pave the way for a new world of mining and automation. You will need one dedicated project leader at 100% availability and full participation from your core leadership team. Your frontline staff will need to adapt to requirements and new process flows, and your job roles will fundamentally transition to include digital stewardship.

You must be ready for eventual and significant hardware or technology adoption and over time. All elements within your business will work together and the opportunity for improvements will increase as we learn about the system and expand the infrastructure. Digital supremacy offers to extend your data, extend your team, and extend your capabilities.