We’re going to take you from your current state to digitally transformed in a rapid, agile way.  We’ll review what you have, what you want, what you need, and rapidly deploy a plan of actions, evaluations and forward momentum.   We’ll focus on merging your existing infrastructure with LTE or wifi, mobiles, beacons, sensors, apps with at-the-right-time data.  We’ll utilize features such as resource optimization and task tracking.  We’re talking digital mastery through centralizing all data and diagnostics surfacing from the Internet of Mines and putting the right data in the right hands for at-the-moment issue resolution and measurable impact.

We’ll work together to fundamentally change your operations, process, the way people work and even, when you’re ready, fundamentally change the way people get paid. Your staff will be motivated and accountable.  Get more done for less.   We will lower your cost per ton and be prepared to integrate a variety of inventions, AI, and automation.

Here’s what you get;



Big rewards mean big risk.  For digital supremacy, you’ll need to commit.  You’ll need one dedicated project leader at 50% availability.  This individual will be passionate about lowering your cost/ton and will need to understand the digital direction.   As a team, you will need to be able to make rapid decisions, accelerated procurement ability, be agile and open.  MineIQ will become an extension of your team and will guide you through the process.