You have a collection of siloed data systems, you have a communication backbone (or two), and you’ve got hardware with data capabilities; still nothing works together as it should. The next step is to pull the critical data into a centralized tool and connect the internet of mines for full visibility and control. In choosing our corporate package, MineIQ will help you focus on value, consistency, and sustainability, with centralized intelligence. We will review what you have, what you want, what you need, and rapidly deploy a collection of beneficial projects that will show results quickly. We will tackle a combination of up to three digital transformation projects beginning with accessible and usable efforts in location services or integrate separate vendor hardware for improved mine access, machine collaboration, or digital dispatch tools. As a useful addition we will report to your stakeholders with solid data and results.

Our collaboration through this process will provide solid next steps in your digital transformation. Your staff will be motivated and accountable. We will lower your cost per ton and be prepared for future inventions, AI, and automation.


Here’s what you get;



The only prerequisites for obtaining results with this package are collaboration, dedication, rapid decisions, a drive for action and being open to changing process. For a stable and consistent digital strategy, you will need to commit for a full year of agile process with a team dedicated to change management, data access, and continuous improvement. Together we will progress into the digital future one step at a time.