Jennifer Sloat – Founder, CEO

I’ve been designing and leading digital innovations for 20 years. I’ve been lucky to have a number of industry ‘firsts’ and hundreds of projects under my belt from very early dot-com boom/bust adventures to advanced technical solutions and software for non-profits, banks, and Fortune 500s.

I returned to Sudbury in 2008 and cut my teeth in the mining industry (for the most part) as an IT Consultant. My consulting work included very detailed analysis of numerous departments and processes including information management systems for energy, bulk material movement, lab information, inventory management, asset management, process management and KPI reporting.  Overall, I was shocked at the slow tech adoption, lack of software innovation, and was concerned about the divergent and very proprietary options with relatively low ROI.     I had to create MineIQ. What started as a centralized ‘control room in a box’ gradually, over 4 years, has become the fastest and most sustainable way to digitally transform.  I can’t wait for the inventions we haven’t seen yet.

Chris Pagnutti – Partner, CTO


Chris brings over 16 years of professional and academic programming experience to MineIQ besides being a secret weapon with his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario. Chris has led and participated in a multitude of development and software projects for large global corporations as well as many private successes.  Prior to MineIQ, he assisted in the development of software for a local company that has partnered with Geosoft with their drill hole data management platform.

Chris’ progressive understanding of technology and its potential in business applications, together with his advanced, practical programming aptitudes, makes Chris a cornerstone of the MineIQ team.