What is MineIQ? 

MineIQ, at its core, is a software suite focused on converging data from all the available sensors, technologies and inventions surfacing from the internet of mines (IoM).  We aggregate the data, cull and curate it. We present it in usable ways and we have moved into extending the capabilities of the data by making otherwise desperate or siloed systems work together.

Fortunately, our team is also heavily experienced in mining process improvements and change management so as a package, MineIQ software and service provides very attainable value that exceeds the cost.    All your critical data aggregated into one system. MineIQ is your Internet of Mines. Evolve and centralize all of your real-time data including;


Why subscription?  

Subscription Based Software (and service) is clearly a new model for the mining industry. We recognize that. So why is it the new model of choice and why does it change the game for the mining industry?

We’ve witnessed mines spending millions of dollars either buying or developing custom software after extensive feasibility studies.  At the end of the day (or years), the systems are disparate, training falls to the wayside, the data and tools become antiquated and the technology dies underutilized. Often the mark was missed.  Low ROI and even lower trust in the process and technology.

Subscription offers a set of manageable and affordable solutions and a full IT team for those mines that really need it.




Finally, the subscription model provides our team with benefits including tighter teams and tighter internal standards. It becomes a sustainable model with the software team’s own predictable income from multiple clients who end up sharing the burdening costs of innovation. Win/Win in its truest form.